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8 easy tips for cheaper home insurance

8 Easy Tips for Cheaper Home Insurance

No one likes paying for home insurance, but it's a necessary evil for most of us. This doesn't mean you have to pay through the nose for it though - try these 8 easy tips for cheaper home insurance and see how much you could reduce your premiums by.

- Shop Around

By comparing prices from several insurance companies, you'll probably be able to reduce your premiums by a substantial amount. This may seem obvious, but research has shown that a surprisingly large proportion of people either just renew their current policy, or get only one or two quotes. Many insurance web sites will automatically compare dozens of policies for you, making this one of the easiest ways to reduce your insurance bill.

- Buy online

If you buy your policy online you can often get a discount of up to 20% on normal prices, because there are less administration costs involved and the savings can be passed on to you.

- Combine your buildings and contents policies

Many insurers will give you a discount if you take out both types of home insurance with them, and this usually works out cheaper than getting the two kinds of policies from different companies.

- Pay upfront

Although most insurers let you pay your premium in monthly instalments, many will charge interest for this. If you can afford to pay a full year's premium in advance, then this will work out cheaper in the long run.

- Don't claim for small amounts

Making many small claims can increase your insurance costs, as your insurer may see you as a greater risk and increase your premiums. You will also lose any no claims discount your policy has. Of course, you're entitled to claim for anything your policy covers, but ask yourself if making a small claim is really worth the hassle and possible future costs.

- Voluntary excess

This is related to the last point. Insurance policies feature something known as 'excess', which basically means that the policy won't pay out on claims below a certain value. On some policies, if you choose to raise your excess to a higher level, then your premiums will be lower.

- Increase your home security

Beefing up your home security with better door locks, window locks, outdoor lighting, and alarm systems can all result in lower premiums. Ask your insurer what you could do to get extra discounts.

- Reduce your cover

Many policies feature benefits that you might not need, such as cover for personal possessions while travelling, or 'free' legal advice. Look through your policy and see what parts of it you really need - by cutting your cover down to size you may be able to reduce your premium.


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7. new used motor home

Should You Buy A New Or Used Motor Home?

If you've been thinking about buying a motor home for either your family to enjoy, or to use in retirement, you may have found there are several decisions you'll need to make. One of the biggest buying decisions though, is whether you should buy a new or used motor home.

This question usually comes up the very first time you plan to buy a motor home. There are pros and cons to buying new or used, so we'll look at some of the most common ones here.

Buying a new motor home is usually the preferred way to go. There's just nothing quite like being the first owner of a beautiful new motor home, plus you have no worries about whether there are problems with the engine, tires, or inside living spaces and amenities. New motor homes also come with strong warranties which can help you out for years to come if any problems arise.

And to be honest, for some people buying new is really the only way to go. They don't even consider buying a used motor home. Other people have their heart set on a brand new motor home and if they end up settling for something less they may do themselves a disservice over the years, because they'll have to live with something that isn't quite what they wanted. So evaluate your own feelings carefully and deeply before deciding whether you'll buy new or used.

The biggest hindrence to buying a new motor home for most people is price. Some luxury models can cost over $100,000 and this may be too far out of the budget for some. There are a range of new motor homes to choose from though, so the costs of yours may not be quite that high. Having the peace of mind of knowing the home should last for a very long time however, and knowing that you have the very latest technology in terms of safety and conveniece can arguably be considered worth the steep price of a new motor home.

Buying a used motor home is sometimes the only way to fit a motor home into the budget though, and if you look around a bit you may find one available for sale at an excellent price.

Some pre-owned motor homes have been barely used too. If you find one which has only been used for brief camping trips a couple of times each year, you may find that used motor home is practically brand new since it hasn't been used enough to be noticed.

When buying a used motor home you'll need to get it inspected fully before making your purchase. You'll want a certified mechanic to look over the engine, transmission and other mechanical parts to ensure everything is safe and operating well. You might also want a professional motor home technician to check all of the home related features too: Water storage, cooking areas, and so on. Get as full of an inspection as you can so you'll know of any potential problems before you buy the used motor home, and you'll get the most enjoyment out of it for the longest period of time.


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7 tips to help you select your custom car cover

7 Tips To Help You Select Your Custom Car Cover

Finding the right car cover for your vehicle is essential if you want to protect it from moisture, pollution, bird excrement, even small dings. Not all car covers are the same and few can offer total protection for your car. Read on to learn about the car cover that is right for your car.

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You lovingly wash and wax your vehicle on most sunny weekends, spending time detailing every single blotch, nick, scrape, or other damaging mark on your car's exterior. Part of the deal with owning any vehicle is making certain that it looks its best week in and week out. Still, you may not be doing all that you can to protect the finish. Other enemies including bird excrement, acid rain, and even harmful UV rays can thwart the best efforts of even the most diligent car owner. Fortunately, there is one automotive accessory that can help keep your car clean, provided you use it when your car is parked for an extended length of time. What am I talking about? Car covers! Read on for seven helpful tips to help you choose the right cover for your truck, van, SUV, or car.

When shopping for a custom car cover you must give consideration to what it does besides simply covering your car. Among some important points to know:

Will the car cover protect from damaging UV rays? If you live in an area of intense sunshi


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7 ways to network your way out of a job and into a work at home career

7 Ways to Network Your Way Out Of a Job and Into a work at home Career


Do you think networking can only be used to find a new job? Not true. Networking is often an overlooked opportunity to find a way out of the rat race. If you want to look for a work at home career, connections can be a key to rapid success. Get the inside tips and discover 7 ways to network your way out of a job.

Work from home, work at home, home based income businesses, home based career

Everyday you can read articles about how people network and find another job. You can find countless numbers of books and articles on how to create relationships to find jobs that might not otherwise be known. But what about people who dont want to work?

I am not talking about a lazy person without any ambition. The person I am referring to is the unemployable, the serial entrepreneur or corporate refugee. If you are currently working in a job and what you want is not another job but to become a work at home entrepreneur networking can still be for you.

Here are 7 networking strategies you can use to catapult your work from home career.

1. Create your own Board of Directors. IBM and Microsoft are not the only ones who should have a boardroom team. As a home based business owner you want to have a group of people who you can meet with, mastermind


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7 unusal online business ideas

7 Unusal Online Business Ideas

So you want to start an online business. You have surfed the web, read some blogs and have found that lots of people are making some decent mullah. But you are frustrated due to the lack of any new idea. Dont worry. There are still many ideas that you can implement using a little money, lots of efforts, and some persistency.

1. Think about your hobby. What you would like to do in your spare time? May be you like to go hunting, or scuba diving. May be you want to make doll...

online business, traffic, link

So you want to start an online business. You have surfed the web, read some blogs and have found that lots of people are making some decent mullah. But you are frustrated due to the lack of any new idea. Dont worry. There are still many ideas that you can implement using a little money, lots of efforts, and some persistency.

1. Think about your hobby. What you would like to do in your spare time? May be you like to go hunting, or scuba diving. May be you want to make dolls. List some of the annoyances and inconveniences you encounter while pursuing your hobby. Search in Google to find solutions to your problems and then write a small e-book. Sell the e-book using clickbank dot com.

2. If you are an artist, crafter, or designer, check out etsy dot com. You create your own shop by signing up for free. Listing an item with photos cost 0.20 cents. The selling fee is 3.5% of the final sale price. You can accept payment through PayPal.

3. Start a blog. But dont start a blog on making money. Find your niche and sign up for free at Blogger to create your blog. You need to select a name for your blog. Select the name of your blog carefully. Write down half a dozen names that tell something about your blog topic. Check out those names using the overture keyword selector tool for search popularity. Use a name that people search at least more than a thousand times every month.

4. If you decide to use the number 3 (starting a blog) method to generate incomes, sign up with ReviewMe, PayPerPost, and Chitika for writing paid reviews of other companys products and services. This will supplement your Googles Adsense incomes.

5. If you are good at computer programming, write a simple online tool, e.g calculating carbon foot print of your visitors, or total body fat. You get the idea. The program should be simple to use and easy to develop. Build a website around your tool and sign up with affiliate programs for revenue generation.

6. If you frequently go on short trips or vacation, buy a good but small and high resolutions digital camera for easy carrying with you all the time. Take at least 200 pictures on each trip and put them for sale on shutterpoint dot com. There are a few other websites where you can put your photos for sale. Check them out by doing a Google search.

7. Participate in paid survey.But dont pay to join any program for paid survey. Use Google to search for paid survey and visit a dozen paid survey websites. Review their offerings and write those down. Now search webmaster forum in Google and then sign up in a couple of webmaster forums. Ask about others experiences with paid survey companies and pick a good one.

Now you have these seven unusual ways to make money online. You will not make a ton of money overnight. But once you gain experiences in online money making opportunities, you will explore other methods to earn big bucks.


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